About Marty

US coins and currency

He was as a small boy growing up in Redmond Oregon when Marty first became interested and started collecting coins.

Marty’s folks were trusted members of the community. With their help, Marty was allowed to check through some of the downtown merchants’ cash registers each evening looking for coins to collect. Each evening was an adventure!

Of course, Marty paid the merchants face value for the coins he wanted to keep.

When Marty and his wife retired to Grants Pass in 2006, Marty found himself working in an antique store just for fun. While there, he had the opportunity to appraise and handle the sale of a large coin collection.

Marty enjoyed the thrill of getting top dollar for the sellers of the private collection and rediscovered his enthusiasm and love for rare coins and currency. Each piece marks a part of history.

All this was prelude to the opening of Marty’s Coin and Currency in Grants Pass where Marty gets to indulge in his first passion: finding out what coins are worth and uniting currency and coin buyers, sellers and collectors.

Marty’s Coin and Currency in Grants Pass – 541-218-4531

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